Ian Coombe

  • CEO Mentor and Coach
  • Decision-Making Consultant
  • Board Director and Chair


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Business Consultant
Ian delivers business advice through his company, Know1.
When seeking business advice, you want more than theory, you want someone who has done it. Ian has several university and other business qualifications as well as having been CEO of multi-million dollar organisations.
He has founded companies and headed government, charity and commercial organisations.
His skillsets cover the entire range of an enterprise and often at great depth - including capital raising and takeovers.
His company, Know1, was founded in 1997 on the principal of leveraging knowledge for the best results.
Ian is available to selected new clients. 
Decision Making
Everyone makes a decision with every action they take. Some decisions work out better than others.
Ian researched how to make decisions that give you superiority in any situation. What Ian discovered, Defence authorities wanted to classify beyond TOP SECRET.
WIKID Power is Ian's discovery that describes every action from sneezing to world domination.
To ensure you get the full benefit of superiority from WIKID Power, Ian offers the following:
* book
* presentations
* workshops
* consulting &
* mentoring 
CEO Mentor & Coach
"It's lonely at the top!"
CEO's need a trusted team of other CEO's to help solve issues and discuss ideas.
The Executive Connection (TEC) is the world's leading CEO organisation and is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEO's.
It's 21,000 members in 16 countries benefit from confidential facilitated monthly peer-group meetings, one-to-one mentoring, expert speakers, workshops and access to our global network of business leaders.
Ian's group of CEO's meet monthly in Brisbane. Contact Ian to discuss your suitability. 
Director & Chair
High performing Boards need more than passionate Directors; they need experience, qualifications and skills.
Formally trained and qualified at university, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute of Australia, Ian also offers experience on many Boards and Committees including as Chair.
Additionally, as an experienced and skilled CEO, Ian brings the vital understanding of the critical Board - CEO relationship.
Ian takes the responsibility of a Director and Chair seriously and ensures new requests will keep his portfolio manageable to ensure his full attention.